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Roche Wines COVID-19 Safety Plan

*updated May 24th, 2021 in accordance with the new Public Health Orders*

Physical Distancing

Roche Wines team members will greet you warmly but will refrain from shaking hands or any physical contact.

Roche Wines has moved to a reservation model for tastings to control the flow of guests in a safe and physically distant manner.  Please reserve your tasting experience in advance. You can also call 236-422-2722 between 11am-5pm each day. Contact information for one person in groups of up to 6 including children and non-tasters will be captured and retained for 30 days. Please note that groups larger than 6 people are not permitted on-site in accordance with the public health order update

Walk-ins will be accepted if space is available and contact information will be captured and kept for 30 days.

Our employees will be physically distancing on-site unless they are members of the same household.

Due to our small space in the Wine Shop, there will only be one group of up to 6 people onsite for a tasting experience. The door to the wine shop will always be locked to ensure the safety of our guests and employees.

A footprint decal is on the floor at the bar to emphasize physical distancing when the tasting room attendant pours your wine sample.

Appropriate reminders to guests to remain 2 meters apart from the tasting room attendant at the tasting room counter.

As per 50% capacity rules; no more than 25 persons (including 1 staff) will be allowed onsite at a time and our staff will be diligently managing this.

Pour spouts will be held at a distance above the glass to not touch any surface and will be sanitized between groups.

Laminated tasting menus are used that can be cleaned between each use.

One server in contact with a group while physically distancing.  The server is responsible for taking orders, payment, and putting together wine orders and delivery to the guest vehicles if needed, limiting touchpoints.

Cleaning & Hygiene

Staff must wash their hands with soap and warm water for a minimum of 20 seconds at the start of each shift, after visiting the bathroom, and before and after each break. We will be sanitizing the wine shop bar, tasting sheets, iPads & payment terminals in between each and every transaction. Sanitizing includes door-bells, door handles, light switches, and bathrooms at the start of a shift, and between guests.

Counters and charge terminals will be sanitized between guests. Tap purchases will be encouraged.

Staff wear face masks during their shift, face-shields and gloves are also available.

Glassware for guests will be sanitized in our high heat commercial dishwasher.

Disposable and compostable spit cups will be provided.

Guests will not handle any products unless purchased.

Hand sanitizer will be made available to guests and staff at the entry and exit.

Communication Plans

Signs will be posted to inform guests 50% capacity rules: no more than 25 people on the property at a given time. Staff will be diligently managing this.

Signs will remind guests of physical distancing, to limit touch points, & sanitize hands.

Signage advising guests who appear ill will not be served.

Hand-washing instruction sign displayed in the bathroom.


Our staff has been instructed to stay home if they are not feeling well in any way. Staff will follow all self-isolation guidelines as directed by the Province of BC.

Visitors who appear visibly ill (coughing, sneezing) will be asked to leave.

What we ask of you:

If you are not feeling well, please do not enter our wine shop.  This is for the safety of everyone.

Please use complimentary hand sanitizer upon entering the wine shop.

Please do not touch any of the display wines, our staff is happy to assist you!

Please respect physical distancing regulations and remain 2 metres apart from other persons in the wine shop.

No outside food or drink in the wine shop or patio.

We are so grateful for the continued support that our guests and colleagues have shown us. We will still continue to offer curbside pickup and complimentary BC shipping for 6 bottles or more for members of the Black Book Wine Club.

Stay safe and healthy.


The Roche Wines Team

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